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Beyond the Mirage

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Beyond the Mirage


Beyond the Mirage is a multi-faceted outreach program that will engage people of all ages in water sustainability and advocacy.

Life needs water to flourish. To sustain water, we need to come together. Beyond the Mirage connects us, making critical water conversations possible. Through our documentary, interactive social web experience, and curriculum, we will expand and deepen these conversations as never before. We understand that in the 21st century, people want to actively engage with issues that affect their lives. The Beyond the Mirage experience will inspire users to go from conversation to action.

Your philanthropic gift will broaden our reach, and introduce more people to conversation. Your support will allow us to build the tools that will feed the conversation and move it beyond talk. Join us. Together we can incite the passion, urgency, action, and change we need. Together we can go Beyond the Mirage. The ultimate result: Water. And continued life, for everyone.

Always wanted to be a filmmaker? You can. Check out our web experience were you can explore more than 250 clips arrange them into your documentary and share it to your friends with social media. Experience it now:


The program consists of three major outreach platforms: 

1. An innovative web experience that inspires people to join the conversation about water by creating and sharing their own mini documentaries. 

2. A feature documentary.

3. An educational program that integrates the Beyond the Mirage web experience into the classroom.

These three platforms reinforce one another, and with the help of a tailored social media campaign, "Beyond the Mirage" will engage an ever-expanding audience.


Web Experience: We have invested invested heavily in an online distribution and engagement campaign connecting to key social media influencers and businesses across the West. As our audience for the web experience grows, it will serve as an important grassroots platform to draw attention to the documentary. After the documentary airs, we will release the film online through various streaming services.

Documentary: Our primary goal for distribution of Beyond the Mirage is to access the 350+ stations in the public media station network. Arizona Public Media (AZPM) will present our documentary American Public Television (APT). Plan B is to submit it for regional distribution through Pacific-Mountain network which will reach most public media stations in the western United States.


Receiving additional support at this time is critical to the overall success of the project. Although we have made significant production progress, the project does not have the support that it needs to implement our distribution and engagement strategy.

The support we are requesting will allow our team to:

•  Complete the final phase of the web experience development based on focus group feedback

•  Create and distribute a press packet and other marketing materials

•  Develop educational curriculum to bring Beyond the Mirage into the classroom

•  Effectively partner with PBS learning Media to host our content

•  Host live pre-release events for the press and public

•  Hire a stations relations expert to increase our carriage on Public Media television stations

•  Coordinate, optimize, and upload the documentary into digital streaming services

•  Participate in film festivals

•  Increase our online advertising

•  Continue the social media campaign after the documentary release


The best indicator of success will be from our popularity across the different social media platforms.

Tracking data will be compiled weekly and will include conversations, views, sharings, etc.; this will be  provided to the team for evaluation to maximize future efforts.

We will closely monitor usage statistics for the web experience with Google Analytics, and track our progress towards the website’s two main goals:

1. Users watch multiple clips

2. Users create then share their own documentaries from Beyond the Mirage video clips.

We will track the number of video clips watched consecutively by each user and the number of users that create sharable sequences to inform the continued refinement of the web experience.

The public media documentary TV viewership will be tracked by Nielsen ratings, and online viewing statistics will be provided from the various digital platforms (i.e., iTunes, Amazon, and/or NetFlix).






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Thank you for your generous donation! Traditional advertising has been successful for a reason: it works. We'd like to harness that potential, and your generous donation will go towards hiring a stations relation's professional that will help facilitate public media stations across the country to find and schedule our program.


*Reward* Documentary Link

Thank you for your generous donation! Our content has been constructed by award winning filmmakers and we want to share it with you. Your generous donation will be spent to complete all of our ambitious advertising goals and we'd like to reward you. An online streaming link to the directors cut of Beyond the Mirage will be made available to you as soon as possible.


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