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Fuel the Response for Arizona Students 2020

$526,080 Raised for the Richard H. Tyler Student Emergency Fund and Campus Pantry from 1,274 Wildcats

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May 11, 2020

Thank you for your generous support of the Student Emergency Fund and the Campus Pantry at the University of Arizona. Since the launch of this initiative, over 1,700 students have applied for the emergency funds, the majority of which are to help with rent and food. Applicants have also needed assistance for medical expenses and technology to continue their studies. So far, 81 percent of the approved applications have received funding at some level, usually around $500, and more are being processed every day. We are still receiving applications from students so please continue to share this campaign with your Wildcat friends and family.


Bear Down and Thank You.

Your gift in action...

April 09, 2020

Thanks to you and over 800 of your fellow Wildcats, we have raised more than $370,000 for the Student Emergency Fund and Campus Pantry, providing crucial financial support for University of Arizona students right now.


So far, 554 students have applied for financial support from the Student Emergency Fund, with the majority of applications being approved and funds being distributed.


This outbreak has affected students in many ways and these grants will assist with rent, utilities, transportation and additional expenses like the lack of internet to continue their classes. Students have also asked for assistance due to not being able to work on campus or getting laid off from their service industry jobs, and in some cases, their family’s loss of income which helped support them financially.


Please continue to share this campaign with your Wildcat friends and family who may want to help. Thank you again for your support and as always… Bear Down!

Your generosity is appreciated…

March 30, 2020

These past few weeks have been an unprecedented time for the University of Arizona, and it has been inspiring to see the Wildcat community's outpouring of support for our students. In just over a week, we have raised over $97,000 for the Student Emergency Fund and the Campus Pantry. Thank you for your generosity!


Please take a moment to watch this message from President Robbins, which provides more information about how the Student Emergency Fund helps students during times like this and if you can, share this campaign with your Wildcat friends and family so that we can continue to grow this fund to aid our students.


Thank you again, and Bear Down!



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