Class Gift 2021-2022

Thanks to 13 Wildcats for giving $421 to the 2021-2022 Class Gift.

Class Gift 2021-2022

Our Class Gift

The Class Gift is our chance to make a collective impact on our (soon to be!) alma mater! You can support areas all over campus like your college, the libraries, athletics, Greek life or your favorite programs like Counseling and Psych Services (CAPS) or the Campus Pantry. Or give in honor of someone special like your favorite professor or family. You can even split your gift between two places!

We are asking all fall graduates to give $20.21 and make a difference for future Wildcats.


Will my gift make a difference?

YES! Your participation is so important. Last year 4,924 graduating Wildcats just like us gave to the Class Gift. Because of their generosity, the university has over $25,000 supporting scholarships and student programs that are helping you and your fellow Wildcats on campus right now.

Join us by making a Class Gift of $20.21 today!

Bear Down. Give Back!

Class of 2021-2022 PhilanthroCATS Student Ambassadors

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