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Class Gift 2017-2018

Bear Down. Give Back!                                    3,270 of 1885 goal met

Class Gift 2017-2018


We’ve all experienced a lot of maybes while at the UA. Everyone does. Maybe you met your best friend here. Maybe you worked harder than you thought you could. Maybe you created your own path. Even though we’ve all had different experiences at the University of Arizona, there’s one thing we all share: this awesome campus and everything it makes possible.

The 2018 class gift is an opportunity for graduating students like us to come together, support the University we love and make an impact on colleges and programs all across campus. To join, just give a small gift to your college, a meaningful program like CAPS or Campus Pantry, a cool research project, the library, athletics, or really anything you want. You can even split your gift between your favorite areas!

The 1885 Challenge

The UA was founded in 1885 and that’s why we’re challenging our class to get 1,885 graduating students to give to the class gift! We are asking everyone to make a gift of $20.18, although a gift of any size gift will make an impact and count toward the goal. Students who give to the Class Gift will also be recognized on the Jumbotron* at Spring 2018 Commencement and in a special online Honor Roll.

Bear Down. Give Back!


-Darien, Eric, Melissa, Noah

Senior PhilanthroCAT Student Ambassadors


*Gifts must be made by April 18 to get your name on the jumbotron.

Have questions? Contact Jessica Pierce.

Photo Credit: Jacob Chinn

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