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Support UBRP Student Conference Travel Awards

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Support UBRP Student Conference Travel Awards

The Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP) is a program designed to expose undergraduate University of Arizona students to biologically-related research. UBRP gives students the experience of learning how to work in a laboratory conducting research under the mentorship of a scientist in their field of interest.


UBRP students are encouraged to present their research to the general public at UBRP’s annual conference. However, they can benefit further by presenting their work at national and international scientific conferences. At those conferences, they have the opportunity to learn about the latest research and network with other scientists in their field. 


Our goal of raising $5,000 will provide ten students with a $500 travel award this year to take the next step as young scientists and present their work at a conference. 


Steven Fried, a UBRP student in Dr. Michael Brown's lab in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, described his experience presenting at two international conferences:

These experiences have been solidifying moments in my research aspirations. Through these conferences, I have gotten to discuss my findings with experts in my field from all over the world, many of whom have given me very valuable suggestions for my research projects. These experiences have also opened my eyes to the wide variety of exciting discoveries being made in my field, where my research work has only occupied a tiny sliver of all that is going on. Attending conferences has made me excited to continue my research into graduate school and beyond, looking forward to all the new and emerging areas of scientific knowledge that I wish to explore.

We hope you'll consider making a gift of any size today to support travel awards for students like Steven!


Steven Fried, presenting a poster at the 2018 Biophysical Society Annual Meeting

More About UBRP

In addition to opportunities to present their research, we are proud of the many ways that UBRP develops these young scientists. 

  • Mentorship. UBRP students are paired with scientists who are often leading researchers in their respective field. In addition to formal mentorship, these undergraduate students learn from and are intellectually challenged by the graduate students, postdocs and research staff working alongside them in the lab.

  • Financial Support. By providing a paid research opportunity, our students can focus full-time on their work in the lab and developing their skills as scientists. This is especially valuable for students who may otherwise feel the need to find employment to cover their educational costs.

  • Professional Development Opportunities. In addition to conducting research first-hand, students become immersed in the culture of science by participating in professional development workshops, learning about the breadth of biological research through seminars, and joining a community of like-minded UBRP scholars.

  • Engaging the Community in Science. UBRP students connect with the community through local collaborations such as “Thesis Thursday,” a weekly radio show produced by KXCI Community Radio (91.3 FM) that gives undergraduate researchers a platform to share their research with the general public. In addition, Pen Pals is a program that pairs UBRP students with kids from a local under-served middle school to promote the importance of STEM education and to inspire the next generation of young scientists.

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Summer 2019 UBRP Student Participants


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Since the UBRP program started, there have been 1,166 UBRP student presentations at national and international conferences. Make a gift of any size today to help make the experience possible for more UBRPers!


Career Impact

To celebrate the role that the UBRP experience and scientific conference exposure plays in the lives of our graduates and their chosen career paths, make a gift that reflects the current 2,463 UBRP alumni.


Faculty Mentorship

To celebrate the important role that our faculty mentors play in shaping the next generation of scientists, or to honor an important mentor in your life, make a gift that reflects the number of faculty currently mentoring UBRP students.


Future Scientific Leaders

To celebrate the next generation of scientific leaders currently learning and growing and honing their interests through UBRP, make a gift that reflects the number of students who participated in UBRP in Summer 2019.


Friend of UBRP

As always, gifts of $250 or more to support the program will make you a Friend of UBRP. These donors receive a yearly student highlight publication, a personal note from a student, and have access to a designated UBRP student host and reserved seating at the keynote talk at the annual UBRP Conference.


Sponsor One Student's Travel

Your gift of $500 will cover the full cost of a travel award for one student. Donors at this level will receive a handwritten thank you note from a student whose conference travel is made possible by their gift.

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