The Fight Against Melanoma 2020

Thank you to 136 supporters for giving $16,271 to The Fight Against Melanoma campaign! We appreciate you.

The month of September has come to an end...

September 30, 2020

...but the SCI always needs support. Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Fight Against Melanoma crowdfunding event. We are so proud of what we have done, and so thankful to everyone who has made a donation.


Be sure to watch all the videos and check out all the updates we made over the month of September.


We had no idea how popular the event would be! People continue to visit the site and donate to the cause, so we have decided to leave it open throughout the month of October. 


Here is our team progress so far:


 Durbin's Dash for the Cure $2,500

John Rocks $2,155

 Myers Strong $1,820

 SCI Team Ray of Hope $1,550

 Bonnie's Made in the Shade $1,224

 Christine's Defensive Line $500 

 Pfizer's SCIENCE WILL WIN $265

Lori's Legacy $150

 Becky Shivel $125

 In Memory of Vicki Kelley $110


Thank you to all our wonderful supporters! We will continue to report team progress in the coming weeks.


Watch Our Co-Directors at Their Best!

September 20, 2020

Click the link below to see presentations from the UA Cancer Center

Collaborative Cancer Grand Rounds.

  • UACC Skin Cancer Institute as A Model for Skin Cancer Prevention

    • Dr. Robin Harris PhD, MPH Chair, Epidemiology, College of Public Health, Deputy Director, Skin Cancer Institute, University of Arizona
  • Targeted Prevention and Early Noninvasive Diagnosis: Why Here and Now

    • Dr. Clara Curiel-Lewandrowski MD Assistant Professor of Dermatology; Director, Pigmented Lesion Clinic; Co-Director, Oncology Program, Arizona Cancer Center

Thank you!

September 18, 2020

All of our teams have had an amazing week! Here is team progress for the entire month:


John Rocks: $1,870.00 

SCI's Ray of Hope: $1,300.00

Myers Strong: $970.00 

Durbin's Dash for the Cure: $570.00 

Bonnie's Made in the Shade: $558.00 

Christine's Defensive Line: $500.00 

Pfizer's SCIENCE WILL WIN: $140.00 

Lori's Legacy: $100.00 


Keep it going!



We also want to thank all of our wonderful community businesses who are supporting the event!


Updates in sunscreen

September 14, 2020

We are half way through the month of September and we still need your help raising funds to continue our mission to prevent and cure skin cancer!

The Fight Against Melanoma crowdfunding event has raised $4,335 so far. 

Our teams and supporters are doing great!

We just posted a short video covering the latest updates on sunscreen.

Thank you!

Thank you eegee's!!

September 09, 2020

The eegee's fundraiser on September 2nd went well thanks to our supporters!  It brought in $1,114.76 in sales and $167.21 of that will come directly to the Skin Cancer Institute.  

Thanks to eegee's and all our supporters for making this happen!

We have raised over $4,115 so far, and are going strong!


Our first week was successful thanks to all our supporters!

September 07, 2020

We're doing great! We've raised $2,690 so far. 

Thank you all our teams and other supporters in the community.

Enjoy the added video of one of our SCI executive members and long time supporters, Dr. Lois Loescher, talking about her innovative research in massage therapy and melanoma detection. 

A big "Thank You" to Desert Toyota of Tucson for doing this interview for us!

Here we go!

September 03, 2020

We're off to a wonderful start! Team John Rocks has raised $1,870 and

Team Ray of Hope has raised $1,150. 

Team Myers Strong ($370) and Team Durbin's Dash for the Cure ($125) are on the board too!

Great start to a great fundraising cause!


July 20, 2020

Your gift, no matter how large or small, makes all the difference to our mission to prevent and cure skin cancer. Your kind donations go toward:


Project Students Are Sun Safe (SASS) which teaches University of Arizona students sun safety so they can go into middle schools and high schools and teach the messages to our future generations.


The Hats ON program is putting sun safe hats on babies and children in our community.


The Protect Your Skin Program helps our community be sun safe by offering sunscreen dispensers to businesses.


Seed grants help our researchers continue striving to find new treatments and detection strategies for skin cancer.



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